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Protecting Against Signal Piracy

Safeguarding your content is crucial

Let's face it ... keeping your content safe would be a lot easier if every signal thief looked like the man on the right.  But, they don't.  They're average everyday people, doing things online that, to the untrained eye, appear to be totally harmless and innocent. 


Wisecast Television Software is powered by the Ethan 6.7 Broadcasting Network, a interconnected private network of systems and subsystems that work together to manage, schedule and broadcast content and deliver a television experience over the internet.  Traditionally, people may use websites to post videos and other multimedia content.  However, we use the internet as an extension of our private digital network.  Here's how we maintain a secure environment.... 

The Ethan 6.7 Broadcasting Network Core

Our Broadcasting Core has a 4-layer security model made up of a Master Lock Layer, an Encryption Layer, a Secure Licensing System, and a Client/Server Hacker Defense Layer with multiple safeguards and security countermeasures.

Master Lock
- Eliminates Public Access to the broadcasting core and restricts communications to outbound only. 

2-way Encryption - Client instructions, policies, programming guides, channel lineups and other critical components are secured with encryption.

Secure Licensing - Modern, node / network locked license system that prevents reverse engineering, preventing loss to casual software piracy.

Hacker Defense - A proactive, multi-tiered safeguards and security protocol with digital countermeasures to prevent unauthorized accees and theft.

Accessing content

Wisecast Television is a proprietary software based digital receiver.  In many ways it is similar to a media player like QuickTime, Real or Windows Media Player.  Now, no matter what kind of player you use, your player will need to access broadcasts.  This presents a problem because your user (or unknown hacker) may be able to identify the source of the broadcast and access it directly from outside your media player.  They may also use specialized hacker software designed to capture the media illegally.  We prevent this in our software digital receiver by using a combination of encryption technology and token access.

Encryption, Encryption, Encryption!
The simplest way to say this is, we encrypt EVERYTHING.  Each media connect point is segmented and then encrypted inside the broadcast core.  It is then exported in pieces in its encrypted format to XML files, which the Wisecast Television loads and decrypts in real-time.  This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to discover the real source of our broadcasts.

Security at its best
Let's say, hypothetically, a clever hacker was able to somehow discover and decrypt the source of our broadcasts and piece the data back together, which is nearly impossible.  It would be useless to them.  They'd be unable to directly access the broadcast, copy its content or do anything with that information due to the Wisecast Client 7-point Fingerprint Security system.  We use artificial intelligence to generate a special security token inside the broadcast core and a separate matching token inside the client.  This security token consists of unique information that cannot be spoofed or duplicated outside the Wisecast Television Software.

Every 60 seconds, our system generates a token for each registered client.  Without a token, no software can access our system.  When someone attempts to access a Channel Broadcast, the Client token is compared to the server token, and if they do not match access is denied without a response.  This token is made up of the customer's unique 8-digit account ID; the Public IP address and physical (MAC) address of the network adapter used to access the internet; a unique Device ID; a GUID for the registered device; the user's hard disk drive serial number and a secondary token based on a timestamp accurate to the millisecond to protect against hackers who alter system times to circumvent critical operating system security features.  If your system time is off by a minute, access will be denied.

In Layman's Terms
Your content is safe and secure, and your copyright is protected while being broadcasted on Wisecast.  No one can post your content on a webpage and/or hotlink to it.  Pirates cannot access our broadcasts illegally and they cannot generate counterfeit tokens.  Viewers can only enjoy our broadcasts from within the Wisecast Television Software, which is an extension of our private digital network.  No content is cached locally to client computers.  DVR services are maintained inside the broadcasting core and no part of any media / content is ever recorded to the client's computer at any time for any reason.  Our broadcasts cannot be opened in 3rd party hacker programs.  This makes Wisecast a viable solution for all broadcasters concerned with protecting their rights and preserving their creative content.
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